Haoyang Zeng (曾浩洋)

Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Office: 32 Vassar St G-540, MIT, Cambridge, MA, 02139
Email: my last name AT csail dot mit dot edu

I am currently a fifth year Ph.D. student in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department at MIT. I am advised by Professor David Gifford in Computational Genomics Research Group

Before coming to MIT, I got my bachelor’s degree at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. I have worked with Professor David Dill in Stanford in the summer of 2012. I have also been to University of Toronto as an exchange student.

My research interests lie on computational biology and bioinformatics in general. Specifically, I am interested in functional genomics where we unveil regulatory network and genomic element using machine learning and statistical approaches. I am currently working on modeling and predicting how short sequence regulate and influence epigenomic signal, transcription factor (TF) binding, and gene expression in cis.